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How to identify risky suppliers?

Getting to know to a potential supplier for the first time? Trying to improve communication with existing suppliers and technical partners?

Quality or technical assessments, questionnaires or audits are  regularly used to gather information on a suppliers.

Do you rely on a paper based systems? getting your supplier to fill out a questionnaires and return it in pdf form by email or by post?

There are many software offerings now that allow you to transfer existing questionnaires to an electronic form and and then allow your suppliers/partners to fill in these forms in real time.

An example of a solution called RCP Score that I have been working on recently is given below:

You as a purchaser see in real time how the response to the questionnaire by your supplier is progressing. A score is generated measuring the type of responses you are getting and completeness of the overall response.

But can you convert the data gathered from such questionnaires into measuring risk in your supply chain? Can you utilise the data received back from your suppliers to actually measure  risk amongst your suppliers?

 RCP Score allows  suppliers to complete their questionnaire on-line, with responses immediately calculating a risk index. Action items can be  created depending on responses to questions and again these action items and their completion (or not!) feed into the risk calculation for that supplier.

 If you use a on-line method of communicating and receiving quality and technical response to questionnaires, I would welcome very much hearing from you. Do these systems calculate risk scores for your suppliers, based on the answers and actions you see back?

 If you would like to find out more about RCP Score software, running quality assessments with your suppliers on-line and calculating a risk index for your supply network, then please contact me on either +353 87 294 0436   or